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Dragon’s Den offers combined authentic Chinese and Japanese dishes, perfect for lunch and dinner.
Enter the Dragon’s Den and enjoy our stunning interiors
and mouth-watering cuisines.

dragon's den oriental kitchen

Oriental Kitchen

Come and visit our newly opened premises

in East London. We promise to serve only the freshest Asian food, from traditional classics to modern favourites.

Looking forward to seeing you.


111 New Road,


London, E1 1HJ



Monday to Sunday

12pm till 11pm

Dragon's Den Specials

Create your own Dragon's Den Special. Combine flavours you know and love, a palete you like to go for, and build

your signature dish. Choose ONE option from each section.


1) Noodles / White Rice / Fried Rice
2) Chicken / Beef  / Vegetable
3) Curry / Black Bean Sauce / Schezwan Sweet & Sour

Honey Spice Sauce / Satay Sauce

4) Coke / Sprite / Fanta / Water

What our Diners say about us

Jonathan Wright

The service is great and the restaurant is really clean and excellent for anybody who fancies a healthier Chinese as well as a diverse range of options.

Nina Mirza

The food was delicious. Highly recommend and the service was amazing too. I ordered katsu curry with fried rice and honey glazed wings. It was exquisite!

Naz Hassan

Just finished my Singapore Style Vermicelli Noodles. Absolutely delicious! Great taste, balance of flavour and appealing colours to match.
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